Liang Yue
Sjhanghai Candid: Women in Motion

June 15 - August 27, 2010
SFAC Gallery, San Francisco City Hall

A solo exhibition by emerging Shaghai-based photographer Liang Yue.

Liang Yue
The San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC) Gallery’s Art at City Hall program has commissioned a new body of work from emerging Shanghai-based photographer Liang Yue. This groundbreaking exhibition of twenty five works, opening at historic San Francisco City Hall on June 15, 2010, marks Ms. Yue’s California debut.

For this exhibition Ms. Yue continues her preoccupation with public space, turning her lens toward women on the move in downtown Shanghai. She captures, with a snapshot aesthetic, women as they commute, shop and stroll. The candid images intentionally subvert any lingering preconceived notions of Shanghai as an exotic location. The women are contemporary urban dwellers and the cityscape is identical to that of any metropolis in the developed world. In fact, one might think that many of the exhibited photographs were created in San Francisco. These images do not depict a story that is unique to Shanghai, and the lack of site-specificity brings into focus similarities, rather than differences, between Shanghai and its Sister City San Francisco.