Conversations with the World: San Francisco
Lonnie Graham

October 18, 2007 - June 18, 2008

An Artist Project in Three Parts: City Hall, North Light Court Exhibition, Recorded Interviews, Downtown Kiosks Posters
City Hall, North Light Court Exhibition: October 18, 2007 - June 18, 2008

The San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery is very pleased to announce the installation of a massive photo banner exhibition in the City Hall North Light Court that features portraits and interview excerpts of San Francisco residents. These banners dynamically represent the vitality and diversity of contemporary San Franciscans within the halls of City government.

For over two decades the artist Lonnie Graham has been traveling the globe asking people he meets the same set of eight questions about the human experience. In the spring of 2007 Graham was commissioned to continue his world-wide dialogue with the residents of San Francisco.

“I simply want to provide a means by which people might address issues, assimilate facts, or interact on some level with individuals they may not ordinarily have been able to connect with. As an artistic pragmatist, I feel that I bring a skill set forward to achieve a respectful and dignified interpretation of the humanity that I encounter.” –Lonnie Graham

Online Recorded Interviews: December 20th, 2007
Downtown Kiosks Posters: January, 2007– April 1, 2008

MP3 audio files containing complete interviews between the artists and his subjects went up on our website and in January forty large-scale posters went up in kiosks in downtown SF.

About Lonnie Graham Since 1980, Lonnie Graham has traveled throughout Asia, Africa, and North America interviewing people and recording their opinions and beliefs regarding their culture, heritage, and traditions. In 1994, he was awarded with the National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship and the PEW Travel Grant, enabling him to expand his travels, broadening the scope of his project. A Conversation with the World is a combination of visual art and socio-anthropology. Through his work, Lonnie Graham illustrates the basic needs of the human condition by asking eight questions. The responses he gathers explore the essential and fundamental motivations of human beings while clearly illustrating the bond that is inherent in our humanity.